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April 18. 2017

Update Project House development

Our project house is coming along. Once finished it will not only act as a home for the staff of the SOFIs WORLD Foundation and Biogas Taita Project but mainly as a demonstration house for applied technologies and innovative building techniques. Therefore it will be open for interested visitors, universities and local contractors. Also it will be used as a guest house and meeting place for locals, oversee volunteers, students, bird watchers and other visitors.
All walls of the two story house are build from natural and locally available materials like the excavated rough stone, building stone from a nearby quarry, burned clay bricks from the neighboring village and rammed soil using the soil from the excavation. Furthermore, the house is designed for optimal natural light and ventilation as well as for natural temperature and moister control and includes a lot of creative features such as mosaic tiling, naturally grown timber pillars, swahili style ceilings, walls from recycled plastic bottles and glass bottles for light. While the rammed soil and natural stone walls are mostly even left un-plastered all other walls are plastered with lime mortar avoiding cement wherever possible allowing the walls to regulate the inside room climate and make the house a comfortable living space.
Furthermore the house will use biogas from kitchen and animal waste for cooking, urine diversion compost toilets will reduce the amount of water wasted and provide rich fertilizer for the garden, kitchen and bathrooms will get free and sustainably generated hot water all year round from our locally produced solar water heaters while the waste water will be treated naturally through a reed bed filter and reused for irrigation. A solar PV system will provide the electricity for the whole house and a 25 thousand liter rain water tank will store enough water to gap the dry season.


Remember its a demonstration house an meeting space.
Feel free to come, visit and be inspired!

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