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June 12. 2017

Feasibility Study Koromi Village, Ethiopia

Biogas Taita has just completed a Feasibility Study for the right mix of Biogas and Solar applications with partner MCMDO-REESDE, in remote Koromi Village, Harari Region in Ethiopia., A very interesting project including intensive community engagement, consultation and training, and with the most beautiful people and community. After all, it's all about the people, not the pipes and the panels.

The village is over a 1000 year old and not much has changed over time. Due to deforestation, climate change and increasing drought, overpopulation etc, water and firewood are becoming very hard to access and basically take the entire day to collect by the women in the village. Due to its remoteness, there is no access to electricity and the villagers are unable to develop economic activities, leaving them behind the rest of the country.

Because of the unique community spirit and very organised women's group, Biogas Taita is constructing a 60m3 communal biogas digester with a small kitchen in the Kiosk and with 20 gas balloons and cookers for people to fill and take home on rotating basis. The women are in charge of collecting the cow-dung from their families, and collected over 700 kilos in just one day from 100 families. Furthermore, the project includes a community kitchen/cafe, a solar energy kiosk, solar lanterns and home systems on microloan, biogas balloons for distribution, phone charging station, locally produced low-cost improved cookstoves, fertilizer distribution including donkeys, and fertilizer storage tank and drying bed. WATCH our small video report.

The implementation phase of the project will be in November - December. The project is funded by the French Embassy in Ethiopia, Blue Energy, Synergy Solare and MCMDO.

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