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June 26. 2017

IRUWA solar water heating systems now in Ethiopia!

Biogas Taita / Iruwa have facilitated a workshop and training on our solar water heating system in Ethiopia for MCMDO-REESDE, a local NGO in Addis Ababa. Part of the objectives was to adjust the Kenyan version to a 100% locally produced Ethiopian version with easily available local materials. Seen the available materials in Ethiopia are significantly different then in Kenya, the team had to overcome some challenges. Though, through creative solutions, Quirin managed to build a complete system which has been put up at the NGO for demonstration. Some further improvements will be made in November, when our team will be back in Addis for the implementation of the Koromi Village project. 

It is envisaged to facilitate another training with the Don Bosco Technical school, and build local capacity for local production and distribution of the system in Ethiopia together with MCMDO-REESDE in the longer term.
We are currently discussing a first pilot project with a lodge in Tigray area.


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